Monday, October 24, 2011


Im soooooo excited!
My ladies from MAC have asked me to come in this saturday to see and use all their new holiday products with them and basically just have a makeup lesson party haha . This new holiday collection is best thing ever. So if you have any questions lettt me knoww:) Ahhhh I can not wait I was just at MAC Saturdayyy but I havent had a long MAC day in likeee month haha so yay!!


Friday, October 21, 2011

Welcome to Polyvore!

Welcome to Polyvore!

Michael Kors fake fur coat
$175 -

Platform heels
£36 -

Nike shoes
£72 -

Wedge pumps
$23 -

Chanel quilted bag

Mulberry pin brooch
$100 -

Betsey Johnson pave ring
$33 -

Plastic Bat flower jewelry
£6 -

Vintage jewelry
$900 -

Mango sunglasses
£35 -

American Apparel hair bow accessory
$14 - Tee Beauty
€40 -

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I can not describe to you how much it means to me to work at MAC. I have a very close relationship with the my MAC store. The girls there including the manager are very close to me. We have an amazing relationship. Everytime Im there for hours getting individual work time with them, and we also laugh and talk and have a great time. When I go in their its like a bitter sweetness moment. That store and those girls make all the dark clouds in my life fade away and turn into a big ray of sunshine. The bad part is makes me just feel like im so close to be working their just year and half away but yet its so far away. I can not wait to get dresses all fun and fancy everyday and dress in all back and wear my high heels and wear my brush belt and wear my MAC necklaces and do my hair and do my make up all bold and pretty the way I love. In the town im stuck in you cant exactly do this. It doesn't help the fact that he girls from beg me to work their and always tell me they are counting days tell im there....ugh!!!! I just want this year ad half to hurry so I can marry Matt, Get our home and decorate it all cute, and work at MAC......thats my dream

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Disencouraged much..I say yes.

Sometimes this blogging "job" can be disencouraging. I just want to something that you'll actually enjoy and that will be different and unique. I want to post videos not sure if that is the secret weapon I have been needding or not.. So once again Im sorry I havent psoted in a while. But i promise all you that do read my blog I really appericate it! and of course I would love love love ideas straight from you.... and for the record im trying this with my sleeping and snoring pug doggy sleeping on my arm.

Love your soon to be encouraged Pug owner Karmin

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Nude Lip or Red Lip

Big family or Little family
Sleeves or No sleeves