Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yae or Nae

Yes or No???

  1.  Breast Implants. Are the attractive and better looking? Are they worth the money? Would you want them? what size would you want?

  1.  Cosmopolitian Magazine. Do you like this magazine? Do you enjoy Reading it? Whats your favorite Magazine?

Please answer and let me know!!!
xoxo Karmin


  1. well....i admit despite being a girl fuller looking breasts always fascinates me but i know i won't go for such procedures..implants are ok but they should not look fake.

  2. If you get the right size for your body implants look great, my fav may is Cosmo!

  3. Like Jenna said, if you get the right size for your body, it will look fantastic. My mom actually has them! She's about 5'5 with a slightly larger frame but her breasts weren't right at a B, so she got a C and now she looks awesome. They don't look fake at all.

    And my favorite magazine is Glamour. :)

    xx Jessica

  4. my natural one are "big" as it is, no need for all that, but my older sister just got hers done and now she dresses more....well....hmmmm
    ill just leave it at that! even if i had "small" ones i wouldn't get it done, the maintenance is ridiculous, i wouldn't want to go under the knife every 10 years. but hey for the ppl who want them or have them, great for them ;-)