Sunday, October 9, 2011

Top 10 things I need when Im sick.

Top 10 things I love when I'm sick.
If you guys did not read my last blog, Im really sick. So here are the things that get me through.
  1.  Puff Tissue Extra Soft: There is nothing better then blowing your nose into something soft and comfy!
2. Sleepy Time Tea: Sleepy time tea with lots and lots of honey sliding down you're throat makes everything feel a tad better
3. DVR: I love laying on my couch watching ll my backed up dvr tv shows. Keeping with the Kardashians, Kendra, Desperate Housewives, Anything on E!
4. My Giraffe Blanket: This is the softest blanket ever, and its animl print! Its my snuggle buddy
5. My Momma Bear: Bottom line my mommy makes me feel better
6. Soup: My boyfriends mom makes the best soup and thats all eat
7. My computer: helps the time go by whether im looking at facebook, makeup, blogging, ictures, shopping, sims 3, recipes, crafts...ect!!!
8. Matt Carlo<3 my man takes such god care of me!
9. Fuzzy Socks.
10. Hello Kitty Fuzzy Pjs



  1. Hey new follower here..I hate being sick! but these things do make it a little better lol..really hope you feel better soon!
    dont forget to enter my mac giveaway

  2. Great post, sorry you're sick though! That giraffe blanket looks so comfy. :)

    xx Jessica