Thursday, September 1, 2011

I live in a small town. NO actually I live in a tiny whole in the wall town!
When I was little I loved it here. It has the Homey Comfy Cozy feeling, But I was little and I was wrong
I hate this town. It doesn't have a Homey Cosy Comfy feeling anymore.
The towns population: maybe 400 and Im being generous
I the school I sadly attend has about ninety kids
I have lived here my whole life. I was born here. I play sports here. I eat dinner here. I sleep hear. I do my makeup here. I grew up here.
I will get out of here!
its filled with rude, selfish, mean, jealous, nasty, awful people
I hate saying that but its true its a fact
I would do anything to leave. sadly Im only a Junior. but I promise you and me myself the day I graduate Im gone, Ill be free from the awful people here
I have no friends. but im okay with that. im actually happy about that because I would never wanna be associated with the teenage girls that live here
I have people who love me, tons of people and im blessed to have those people
Jealousy is the ugliest trait there is.
It will make your closet friends hate you no matter what you do and try to do have them back
I had friends. lots of them but 8th grade changed them..jealousy changed them we used to have sleepovers... now they have sleepovers without me and do everything thing can to let me know they are going to have sleepovers and not invite me and they're going to have fun so much without me. well good for them:)
These girls say their friends. BUT they are not they all talk bad about each other to everyone they do mean things to each other like egg their houses but they blame it on someone else someone innocent
and Im happy and not be apart of that
Im a strong girl
i feel very sorry for those girls
im not one of those people who say the whole world is evil and going to hell blah blah blah nope that's not me
I think the world is beautiful and I know Where im going
This town just happens to be nasty and awful and I just so happen to me be stuck here but only for year and half
Then everything will sparkle and and Ill marry the guy of my dreams(Matt) move away and create the most beautiful and happy and sparklyest life ever:)
I have to be strong
I can do this
Those girls will not ever affect me...ever
God gives me special gifts through the day help me go on and be positive
Im happy
Im very happy
they will never affect me

PS: My parents are my best Friends!!! and I could never live a single day without them and they follow me where I go

with all my love your strong happy girl, Karmin


  1. Hi. I don't have a particularly large following, but the ways I've gotten visitors to my blog is to advertise it in all my social networking homes (ie, forum signatures, facebook about me, etc). I also comment quite a lot on other people's blogs which hopefully draws in more visitors :)

  2. I totally understand! I too live a town that sounds just like that! You are truely an inspiration! Keep on being strong!