Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yabbadabba Doo!

For Halloween this year me and Matt are going to a couple costume
We have never done this before:)
Im so excited. I can not wait!
We are going to be Fred and Willma Flinstone

The Costumes Were 100 dollars! Thats ridicouls
So Im going to make them myself with my amazing aunt Gina who does amazing crafty things!

XOXO Your Willma Karmin

Friday Night Lights

I was so proud of Matt at his last game
He Had three TouchDowns!
He had the Most yardage!
He had amazing tackles!
He was in the paper!
He makes me so proud!
He makes me so happy!
He treats me like a queen!
He Loves me!
Wish Matt luck on his next game its against a very hard rough and good team
I also wanted to let you guys know that I have been homeschooled for three days now. and Im so happy. Im full of peace.
yes there have been dumb rumours. They have been saying im pregnant. thats obvisously a lie. But I will not let it get to me. Because Im now and finally happy and peaceful and most importantly surrounded by people who love me
I have peace.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Good Morning!
This will be a quick posting. I havent posted much lately because.. MY COMPUTER is old and dying on me
But my hope is to get a new one in a couple weeks!
I hope you guys have a wonderful day full of smiles and love
Dont let anything bring you down because
you are all amazing!
And Happy Fall:)
XOXO Your Klassic Karmin

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hun, Im Happy:)

Im so excited I have three more days tell Im officially home schooled! I have wanted this for such a long time. I would love to explain to all of you all things that have happen to me because the girls at school. It take probably five postings to explain everything to you.“When it comes down to it, I let them think what they want. If they care enough to bother with what I do, then I'm already better than them.”     but here is a few examples....
  1.  Spray paint in huge black letters all over school wall "karmin is a slut"
  2.  Rumours in general... "Karmins pregnant" was the worse one. This certain rumor got spreaded to bad that I got called into the offices and pulled to talk to teachers privately if needed wick or health insurance to help with my pregnancy. I have never been pregnant. that be happening tell im married folks.
  3.  threats in general... to egg my house or car to never to show my face at school again
  4.  girls I hated the fact that I had very well done makeup, I was great at basketball ( i got moved to the senior team in 8th grade) and that I had Matt...all the girlswanted him and he was mine! Im not trying to sound cocky because thats not who i am at all this just really how it is
  5.  And i just love this quotes for those girls  "If you're gonna be two-faced at least make one of them pretty.”     
You get the picture. It was bad. things were happening to me like youe see in the movies. This stage of bullying all happened throughout my 8th-10th grade school years. Now I have got a new type of bullying going on for my 11th year its isolation. I sit in the bathroom stalls at lunch. BUT please understand this blog is not supposed to be depressing its for uplifting, happiness, and hope OH and makeup (makeup part is coming)
I dont care what the girls say or do. They can keep it up. It makes me stronger. so thank you ladies for all the trash you do to me. It has done many things to help me. and I can finally see that
  1. you have helped me become a very strong lady
  2.  you have helped me meet new incerdible people i would have never had the chances to meet like Karlie Elliot
  3.  you have made me start a blog! which im so happy to have
  4.  you have made me future even closer to me than before
So once again thank you girls. I feel so sorry for you and your lifes. I hope you all become better people. I want my followers to know Im so happy, I and I love writing for you. Im so thrilled about being homeschooled,and i found out that Kandee Johnson who is my hero was homeschooled her junior and senior for the same reasons and I take that as complete sign. My life has never been better than right now.

Ok so now makeup time!  Im going to be going to MAC soon for some teachings and Im going to be getting new products
  1.  Blunt Blush for contouring the face
  2.  Shell cream for highlighting the cheeks
  3.  engraved eyeliner
  4.  Fluid line
  5.  many lipsticks-- please comment and tell me your favorites
  6.  Eyebrow definers
  7. Silver Dust to help the highlighting
If you have any ideas of things I should look at while I'm there i would love to know or if you would like tutorials on anything please comment!

and I leave you with my favorite quote:
“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”   
the right shoes for me: either my basketball shoes or my nude pumps!

xoxo your makeup loving & soon to be homeschooled Karmin 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Looking Good

Fantastic Day!

Thank goodness things are finally going my way.
I start homeschooling on Monday and I can do it my speed, I don't have to go at the slow pace anymore.
So on the happy note I'm going to show two new braids I'm going to be doing these next two days.
The Dutch Side Braid 
Check out this blog for amazing hair ideas:

The WaterFall Braid
These are seriously the most beautiful braids ever Im so excited to use them

Second thing I want to tell you guys is my boyfriends 18th birthday is coming up. And Im so excited to get him all things he wants which is basically everything that has do with video games and Tobuscus ( ) He loves Tobuscus the way I love Kandee Johnson, haha:)
Anyways his Mom and I are playing this whole surprise party for him Im sooo excited! if youhave any cool ideas for his party let me know!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I have been so stressed out these last couple days. I have been making the decision to go into home school.
This is what I have always wanted. I know its what I want. and I know it will make me happy. But no that its right here in my face Im a little nervous. But im going to do it. Monday my mom and I will be having the meeting with the school. So wish me luck!

But now its My relaxing Sunday and Im cuddling with my lover Matt and He makes me the happiest lady in the world. and there is nothing I rather do then spend everyday for the rest of my life with him<3

Have an amazing sunday!

XOXO your homeschooled happy Karmin

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Babypowder is now a hair product!

It might seem gross, but its good not to wash your hair everyday
I usually wash my hair every other day.
Epically when I straighten it, because I want to get two days out of my straight hair. (when you have curly hair like me straighting your hair is a pain)
So when I straighten it the first day I wear it down, second up in a messy stacked ponytail.
Soooo if you hair ever look just a little greasy on the second day but you really want your the way you have it done dont worry there is a solution!
All you need to do is but some baby powder and your hands and rub the baby powder through the semi greasy part of your hair.. mine is usually by the roots of my hair.
Not only does the grease go away but it add a nice amount of volume!
XOXO your babypowder lovin Kamrin

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Want My Makeup?

Im really interested In doing makeup tutorials for you guys!
Its my dream to do makeup as a career
I am VERY good friends with MAC the girls at the store close to my town are seriously like my sisters! They are just as excited to for me to turn 18 and come work there as I am myself
every time I go in there I get "classes" by them
The manager is who Im coolest with :) She is the most amazing person in this world I would and cant wait to work for her at MAC
Make up is who I am. Its what Inspires me. Its what makes me
I can do very big bold and beautiful make up! the only thing is I get kinda shy to wear to school..even though I really want too but I do sometimes and I will more!
Im telling you this just so you feel reassured that I do know what Im talking about haha!!:)
But I know its probably difficult for you guys to decide if you would want that because you have never seen my makeup!
so here are some pictures of me very up close and personal haha:)
and then you guys can comment on what you would like to see!
These are few day to day looks I wear!

Holidays smell

Ok so hopefully this blog works! and doesn't disappear when I hit "publish post"

So I know everyone loves Christmas but Im in love with Christmas. Im already so excited for it I can barley stand it. Not for the gifts.. But for the feeling in the air! And getting my loved ones gifts! Decorating the whole entire outside house and all your property with my Dad! Having My momma Bear play Christmas cds everyday all day long from thanksgiving day and on tell Christmas! Baking with my Momma Bear all through the month. My family loves Christmas! If you cant tell:) 
So here is like the best thing about Holidays
Fresh Balsam
Vanilla Bean Noel

Twisted Peppermint

ThanksGiving Candles
Creamy Pumpkin


Kitchen Spice

Homemade Cookies

Frosted Cupcake

The candle I can not wait to smell that just came out!!!!!HOT CHOCOLATE!!!



New Computer?

Ill great long long new post with tons of pictures but when I go to hit post everything just disappers.
Im so so so so sorry
Please understand Im trying to post interetsing blogs
my computer is not wanting to...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sorrys and Weekend

Im so so so so so sorry!
I haven't posted in days, and I have been going crazy about it!! trust me, Thats all I could think about.
why? My old old old old laptop just decided to quit working this weekend. But now my old old old old laptop started to work again. Bottom line I need a new computer. Preferably one with a web-cam!
Ok so my weekend in a nut shell
Friday: Started off with school which is just... well pretty awful. But I didnt let it ruin my day. Friday afternoon I opened my first checking account and savings account! Yay! Im so excited about this I have my own checks and debit card. But Im really serious about not using it, because Me and Matt are so excited to start saving money for us and our perfect little future. Friday night  was Matt's first home football game . I was so proud to each while wearing his letterman and jersey! They won too which is even better. (His team has been undefeated for two straight years and been state sections champs) the only weird part is the ref kept hitting on me really bad! weird right???
High school sweethearts
Saturday: I had to go to a wedding. Which I was excited about and not excited about. Excited because I love weddings I think they are a beautiful and romantic thing to be apart of. I wasnt excited about it because seeing weddings make me even more impatient for mine! I can not wait for my wedding to Matt I dont know how much I can stress that to you. I want to marry him more than I can explain through typing. But anyways the weddings was a very fun and colorful and I was very happy for the couple. We got home from the wedding around 1:30am
Me and Matt before the wedding
                                                    My momme bear and I before the wedding
 Sunday: started off with me waking up super tired from the wedding getting up late at 11:00. I stated getting ready right away for the concert My parents and I were going to go to in redding which is an hour and a half from where I live. Matt came over before I left and We talked about the wedding and everything and how we wanted ours. Once my parents and I got to redding we went out to eat at my favorite restaurant Olive Garden! Then we hit the concert! We went and saw a christian/ pop/ bluegrass concert by Amy Grant. It was so much fun I loved it. We got home around 12:00am and then I finally fell asleep around 1:00am and then got up at 6:00am for wonderful school(sarcastic)
Today:  Today was long and I was extremely tired. I had a surprise English quiz, which I dont think went well. It was picture day and I completely forgot about that and looked awful. And I have lots of homework. and Im still Tired, haha. but everything will be fine always got to keep smiling No matter what. Its good to be strong and positive!
ps.  I have had a couple comments about make tutorials, If you would like that please comment!
and comment about anything else you would like too see...anything my followers hearts desire! and my youtube video should be up today or tomorrow! send lots of love
XOXO Your tired very very Kamrin

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Favorite Products

Favorite Hair Products

  • Soy Tri-Wheat leave in conditioner. I put this after my shower and makes my hair so easy to brush out and makes it very healthy too!
  • Bio silk Therapy.  This a very thick oil that I use after I brush my hair out. I put about a dime size in my hand. It makes your hair soft, shiny and healthy!
  • Redeken outshine 01: I apply this after the Bio Silk. This also makes hair shiny, soft, and healthy. BUT it help with heat damage from your curlying Iron or Straightner
  • Bed Head MasterPiece HairSpray: This is the best hair spray I have ever used in my whole life! Not only does it smell amazing but it works all day! I love it super duper much
Favorite Skin Supplies
  • Amerte Face Wash:  I use this in the shower and it makes your skin so soft, This is the best facewash I have ever used. It exactly foams up! haha you can really feel it working!
  • Olay Rehenerous facial Cream: I use this everynight and every morning. I put it on before I go to bed and in the morning before I put my make up on. Makes your skin feel nice and soft
  • MAC Wipes: These are the most amazing thing on this earth! They have moisturizer built into the wipes. They take off the makeup right off, its so easy there is no scrubbing like crazy at all...And there geat for travel!
Favorite Eyeshadow from MAC

  • Cranberry
  • Panita
  • Naked Lunch
  • Shale
  • Jest
  • Woodwinked
  • DA Bling
  • Crystal
  • Steamy
  • Vanilla
  • Stars "n" Rockets
  • Urban Decay Naked Pallet ( I know its not MAC but I LOVE it)
  • satellite Dreams

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Staff Style and Youtube

Well I have lots to talk and tell you about today my loves! First of all I had quite a crazy weekend! On Friday in animal science we had to cut chickens heads off... Now I'm not a vegetarian but I could be easily. I LOVE animals and every movie that in valves an animal getting killed or tortured makes me ball me eyes out for example the movie eight blow! my boyfriend and I went to watch planet of the apes a month and i was crying so hard that we had to leave the theater but he was a sweetheart about it! anyways I started balling in class and went home for the rest of the day. The once I got home it was time to start getting ready to go the my boyfriends football game! I was so excited and my boy is the captain of the team and he is #24! So they won their game he had two touch-downs, every two point conversion, and the most tackles and yardage lets just say I was a very proud girlfriend! On the way home from the game I started telling my mom that my leg big deal right? the next day my leg was sooo swollen and had a HUGE I MEAN HUGE KNOT ON IT. Had to go the ER fount I had staff! how nasty, i felt so dirty when I found that out. They gave this really huge horse pill antibiotic that was very strong. i took it for three days and kept throwing up, getting really tired, and kinda dopey! and the staff wasnt getting better! then we went to our family doctor and turns out i never even had staff!!!! ughhhh, I had very infected bug bite then my doctor switched my antibiotics. Soo my bug bite is better.  I found an amazing fun nail idea! Its called newspaper nails! I tried and its so easy and I got tons of compliments.
Image Detail
1. Paint your nails (I think white is the best)
2. Let them dry completely, then break out some rubbing alcohol
3. Dip one nail into a bowl of rubbing alcohol for ten seconds
4. Quickly dip the piece of newspaper in the rubbing alcohol
5. Press down on the newspaper onto your nail smoothly for a good 10 seconds 
6. Show off your beautiful nails!

Last but not least Im going to be making a youtube video to promote my blog! Please keep your eyes open to watch it! and keep commenting on my blog it means the world to me! and tell your friends about it too:)
Love your fake staff actually bug bite infected, Karmin

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Snack Time

I have fallen in love with the most amazing snack in the whole wide world!
They're so yummy and all natural and low calorie which always a plus!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I live in a small town. NO actually I live in a tiny whole in the wall town!
When I was little I loved it here. It has the Homey Comfy Cozy feeling, But I was little and I was wrong
I hate this town. It doesn't have a Homey Cosy Comfy feeling anymore.
The towns population: maybe 400 and Im being generous
I the school I sadly attend has about ninety kids
I have lived here my whole life. I was born here. I play sports here. I eat dinner here. I sleep hear. I do my makeup here. I grew up here.
I will get out of here!
its filled with rude, selfish, mean, jealous, nasty, awful people
I hate saying that but its true its a fact
I would do anything to leave. sadly Im only a Junior. but I promise you and me myself the day I graduate Im gone, Ill be free from the awful people here
I have no friends. but im okay with that. im actually happy about that because I would never wanna be associated with the teenage girls that live here
I have people who love me, tons of people and im blessed to have those people
Jealousy is the ugliest trait there is.
It will make your closet friends hate you no matter what you do and try to do have them back
I had friends. lots of them but 8th grade changed them..jealousy changed them we used to have sleepovers... now they have sleepovers without me and do everything thing can to let me know they are going to have sleepovers and not invite me and they're going to have fun so much without me. well good for them:)
These girls say their friends. BUT they are not they all talk bad about each other to everyone they do mean things to each other like egg their houses but they blame it on someone else someone innocent
and Im happy and not be apart of that
Im a strong girl
i feel very sorry for those girls
im not one of those people who say the whole world is evil and going to hell blah blah blah nope that's not me
I think the world is beautiful and I know Where im going
This town just happens to be nasty and awful and I just so happen to me be stuck here but only for year and half
Then everything will sparkle and and Ill marry the guy of my dreams(Matt) move away and create the most beautiful and happy and sparklyest life ever:)
I have to be strong
I can do this
Those girls will not ever affect me...ever
God gives me special gifts through the day help me go on and be positive
Im happy
Im very happy
they will never affect me

PS: My parents are my best Friends!!! and I could never live a single day without them and they follow me where I go

with all my love your strong happy girl, Karmin

Peacock Feathers and Make-up

Soooo I did an amazing creative craft today! That I love so much and Im going to use everyday.
Thanks to my love Kandee Johnson I made the most beautiful make-up holder. I have about 50 to 60 MAC eye shadows and having them all in a box is awful I can never find the eye shadow I want and I have to dig and dig to find the right color. Soo I here is the most amazing way ever! (all cerdit goes to Miss Kandee)

Here is the link to Kandees page to get all the instructions!


Behind the green fabric is a piece of metal my daddy got for me cause he is mechanic so that worked out great! and I got my Mr. hot glue gun and hot glued tiny magnets behind my eye shadows and boom they stick right to the green fabric! and I also just hot glued the peacock feathers!
I hope you like it
Love your peacock feather and make lover, Karmin