Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Babypowder is now a hair product!

It might seem gross, but its good not to wash your hair everyday
I usually wash my hair every other day.
Epically when I straighten it, because I want to get two days out of my straight hair. (when you have curly hair like me straighting your hair is a pain)
So when I straighten it the first day I wear it down, second up in a messy stacked ponytail.
Soooo if you hair ever look just a little greasy on the second day but you really want your the way you have it done dont worry there is a solution!
All you need to do is but some baby powder and your hands and rub the baby powder through the semi greasy part of your hair.. mine is usually by the roots of my hair.
Not only does the grease go away but it add a nice amount of volume!
XOXO your babypowder lovin Kamrin


  1. I've never been a fan of dry shampoos--baby powder is where it's at! Love your blog! Follow back!? ;)

  2. Wow! I will most def try that! I too deal with oily hair and would so love to get more days out of my style! Thx Karm =)

  3. Im so excited for you to try it! It completely omits the oil and adds volume!