Monday, September 19, 2011

Looking Good

Fantastic Day!

Thank goodness things are finally going my way.
I start homeschooling on Monday and I can do it my speed, I don't have to go at the slow pace anymore.
So on the happy note I'm going to show two new braids I'm going to be doing these next two days.
The Dutch Side Braid 
Check out this blog for amazing hair ideas:

The WaterFall Braid
These are seriously the most beautiful braids ever Im so excited to use them

Second thing I want to tell you guys is my boyfriends 18th birthday is coming up. And Im so excited to get him all things he wants which is basically everything that has do with video games and Tobuscus ( ) He loves Tobuscus the way I love Kandee Johnson, haha:)
Anyways his Mom and I are playing this whole surprise party for him Im sooo excited! if youhave any cool ideas for his party let me know!

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  1. I love the water fall braid! I did it to my lil girl toady! Gorgeous! But I really like the pic of the one you posted, I so can not wait to try it! Thx for the neat idea =)