Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hun, Im Happy:)

Im so excited I have three more days tell Im officially home schooled! I have wanted this for such a long time. I would love to explain to all of you all things that have happen to me because the girls at school. It take probably five postings to explain everything to you.“When it comes down to it, I let them think what they want. If they care enough to bother with what I do, then I'm already better than them.”     but here is a few examples....
  1.  Spray paint in huge black letters all over school wall "karmin is a slut"
  2.  Rumours in general... "Karmins pregnant" was the worse one. This certain rumor got spreaded to bad that I got called into the offices and pulled to talk to teachers privately if needed wick or health insurance to help with my pregnancy. I have never been pregnant. that be happening tell im married folks.
  3.  threats in general... to egg my house or car to never to show my face at school again
  4.  girls I hated the fact that I had very well done makeup, I was great at basketball ( i got moved to the senior team in 8th grade) and that I had Matt...all the girlswanted him and he was mine! Im not trying to sound cocky because thats not who i am at all this just really how it is
  5.  And i just love this quotes for those girls  "If you're gonna be two-faced at least make one of them pretty.”     
You get the picture. It was bad. things were happening to me like youe see in the movies. This stage of bullying all happened throughout my 8th-10th grade school years. Now I have got a new type of bullying going on for my 11th year its isolation. I sit in the bathroom stalls at lunch. BUT please understand this blog is not supposed to be depressing its for uplifting, happiness, and hope OH and makeup (makeup part is coming)
I dont care what the girls say or do. They can keep it up. It makes me stronger. so thank you ladies for all the trash you do to me. It has done many things to help me. and I can finally see that
  1. you have helped me become a very strong lady
  2.  you have helped me meet new incerdible people i would have never had the chances to meet like Karlie Elliot
  3.  you have made me start a blog! which im so happy to have
  4.  you have made me future even closer to me than before
So once again thank you girls. I feel so sorry for you and your lifes. I hope you all become better people. I want my followers to know Im so happy, I and I love writing for you. Im so thrilled about being homeschooled,and i found out that Kandee Johnson who is my hero was homeschooled her junior and senior for the same reasons and I take that as complete sign. My life has never been better than right now.

Ok so now makeup time!  Im going to be going to MAC soon for some teachings and Im going to be getting new products
  1.  Blunt Blush for contouring the face
  2.  Shell cream for highlighting the cheeks
  3.  engraved eyeliner
  4.  Fluid line
  5.  many lipsticks-- please comment and tell me your favorites
  6.  Eyebrow definers
  7. Silver Dust to help the highlighting
If you have any ideas of things I should look at while I'm there i would love to know or if you would like tutorials on anything please comment!

and I leave you with my favorite quote:
“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”   
the right shoes for me: either my basketball shoes or my nude pumps!

xoxo your makeup loving & soon to be homeschooled Karmin 


  1. I have a blog award for you! Check out my blog! JennaRaeXoXo

  2. It sound like you have it all together! Amazing that you can go through all that and still come out shining! Proud of you <3 Can't wait to read where you life takes you next!!!