Sunday, August 28, 2011

Friday Morning Favorites!

Hello My loves:)
This is my Sunday Morning Top ten Favorites
  1. My Momma Bear! My mom is my absolute everything. she is my hero and my best friend. I want to be just like her when I grow up:) We even got mtahcing Mother Daughter Tattoos<3 she is amazing
  2. MAC makeup! Ahhh I dont know what I would do without my make up. I love makeup, I love being bold with it and getting new colors and finding new ways to apply it:) makeup is how I express myself. I want to work at MAC once graduate! its always been my dream
  3. Cinnamon Rolls are my favorite sweet treat in the morning! I actually had two this morning, great way to start my day
  4. Basketball! Basketball is my life. I cant wait for basketball season. this is another way i express my self. basketball is me. Im number 15!
  5. My Doggies! I have two dogs a mini Schnauzer and her name is Heidi and a pug and his name is Cooper! My doggies are my little cupcakes:) they make me so happy
  6. My boyfriend Matt<3 I have been with him for almost four years. I started dated him in seventh grade and Im now junior in high school and he is graduating this year! He is the love of my life and he is my best friend. I love him with all my heart. and we Will be together for the rest of my life
  7. My future! I can not wait to graduate and be able to do everything I dream of having
  8. My DVR shows! I love you Keeping up with the Kardashains, Tia & Tamera, The Secret life
  9. Baking! I love baking everything from brownies to practing dinner for Matty:)
  10. I love Kandee Johnson! I love her Kandeeland blog and her youtube show! She is so creative and I love her tutorials. and all her cute little babies and her days with them.. I wanna be a Momma so badd:)

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