Sunday, August 21, 2011

The week!

 I cant figure out how to put more than one pciture up next to my title...For example like Kandee Johssons Kandeland Title,so if you know how please comment :) I have been working an this since 9:00am this morning and I have major homework. I need to start my book for english which is the Scarlett Letter
If the book was as interesting as the movie Easy A, (which was spin off of the book) then I would enjoy it much more. haha!
 ...OH! and I have an essay to right for History.. so bottom line I have to go work on my homework which i do not want to do. But first I want to tell you about the new Urban Decay Naked Pallette Of eyeshadows Ijust ordered this morning that I can hardly wait to get! There twelve colors and there all so beautiful Im so excited to get them in!
Also wednesday Im getting my hair done! I have been waiting forever and time as finally come haha!
Im getting peek-a-boos in the front of Rihanna Red!! ahhh! Im so excited. as soon as i get it done I will post a Picture!

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  1. Kandeeland's header looks like on big image she made in a photo editing program, if that's what you mean.

    Oh, and I really liked her Easy A movie. Nice blog, and thanks for commenting :)