Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Staff Style and Youtube

Well I have lots to talk and tell you about today my loves! First of all I had quite a crazy weekend! On Friday in animal science we had to cut chickens heads off... Now I'm not a vegetarian but I could be easily. I LOVE animals and every movie that in valves an animal getting killed or tortured makes me ball me eyes out for example the movie eight blow! my boyfriend and I went to watch planet of the apes a month and i was crying so hard that we had to leave the theater but he was a sweetheart about it! anyways I started balling in class and went home for the rest of the day. The once I got home it was time to start getting ready to go the my boyfriends football game! I was so excited and my boy is the captain of the team and he is #24! So they won their game he had two touch-downs, every two point conversion, and the most tackles and yardage lets just say I was a very proud girlfriend! On the way home from the game I started telling my mom that my leg big deal right? the next day my leg was sooo swollen and had a HUGE I MEAN HUGE KNOT ON IT. Had to go the ER fount I had staff! how nasty, i felt so dirty when I found that out. They gave this really huge horse pill antibiotic that was very strong. i took it for three days and kept throwing up, getting really tired, and kinda dopey! and the staff wasnt getting better! then we went to our family doctor and turns out i never even had staff!!!! ughhhh, I had very infected bug bite then my doctor switched my antibiotics. Soo my bug bite is better.  I found an amazing fun nail idea! Its called newspaper nails! I tried and its so easy and I got tons of compliments.
Image Detail
1. Paint your nails (I think white is the best)
2. Let them dry completely, then break out some rubbing alcohol
3. Dip one nail into a bowl of rubbing alcohol for ten seconds
4. Quickly dip the piece of newspaper in the rubbing alcohol
5. Press down on the newspaper onto your nail smoothly for a good 10 seconds 
6. Show off your beautiful nails!

Last but not least Im going to be making a youtube video to promote my blog! Please keep your eyes open to watch it! and keep commenting on my blog it means the world to me! and tell your friends about it too:)
Love your fake staff actually bug bite infected, Karmin


  1. I love this! (: I'm going to do my nails this way this weekend.

  2. Hey! I found your blog through Huge Love and I just got done with my nails (still wet:}) I painted them french manicure flesh tone, then the newspaper, then silver tips. Love love LOVE! Mutha of 6 chillins and I got this done at nap time! You rock! Thank u so much!

  3. Awww! Im so glad yor found my blog and commented means the world to me! I love that you didyour nails through nap time, thats so cute! I cant wait to have babies thats my dream:) And I love the idea of the flesh tone I have got to try it. Please keep following and sending the love.