Monday, September 12, 2011

Sorrys and Weekend

Im so so so so so sorry!
I haven't posted in days, and I have been going crazy about it!! trust me, Thats all I could think about.
why? My old old old old laptop just decided to quit working this weekend. But now my old old old old laptop started to work again. Bottom line I need a new computer. Preferably one with a web-cam!
Ok so my weekend in a nut shell
Friday: Started off with school which is just... well pretty awful. But I didnt let it ruin my day. Friday afternoon I opened my first checking account and savings account! Yay! Im so excited about this I have my own checks and debit card. But Im really serious about not using it, because Me and Matt are so excited to start saving money for us and our perfect little future. Friday night  was Matt's first home football game . I was so proud to each while wearing his letterman and jersey! They won too which is even better. (His team has been undefeated for two straight years and been state sections champs) the only weird part is the ref kept hitting on me really bad! weird right???
High school sweethearts
Saturday: I had to go to a wedding. Which I was excited about and not excited about. Excited because I love weddings I think they are a beautiful and romantic thing to be apart of. I wasnt excited about it because seeing weddings make me even more impatient for mine! I can not wait for my wedding to Matt I dont know how much I can stress that to you. I want to marry him more than I can explain through typing. But anyways the weddings was a very fun and colorful and I was very happy for the couple. We got home from the wedding around 1:30am
Me and Matt before the wedding
                                                    My momme bear and I before the wedding
 Sunday: started off with me waking up super tired from the wedding getting up late at 11:00. I stated getting ready right away for the concert My parents and I were going to go to in redding which is an hour and a half from where I live. Matt came over before I left and We talked about the wedding and everything and how we wanted ours. Once my parents and I got to redding we went out to eat at my favorite restaurant Olive Garden! Then we hit the concert! We went and saw a christian/ pop/ bluegrass concert by Amy Grant. It was so much fun I loved it. We got home around 12:00am and then I finally fell asleep around 1:00am and then got up at 6:00am for wonderful school(sarcastic)
Today:  Today was long and I was extremely tired. I had a surprise English quiz, which I dont think went well. It was picture day and I completely forgot about that and looked awful. And I have lots of homework. and Im still Tired, haha. but everything will be fine always got to keep smiling No matter what. Its good to be strong and positive!
ps.  I have had a couple comments about make tutorials, If you would like that please comment!
and comment about anything else you would like too see...anything my followers hearts desire! and my youtube video should be up today or tomorrow! send lots of love
XOXO Your tired very very Kamrin

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