Thursday, September 8, 2011

Favorite Products

Favorite Hair Products

  • Soy Tri-Wheat leave in conditioner. I put this after my shower and makes my hair so easy to brush out and makes it very healthy too!
  • Bio silk Therapy.  This a very thick oil that I use after I brush my hair out. I put about a dime size in my hand. It makes your hair soft, shiny and healthy!
  • Redeken outshine 01: I apply this after the Bio Silk. This also makes hair shiny, soft, and healthy. BUT it help with heat damage from your curlying Iron or Straightner
  • Bed Head MasterPiece HairSpray: This is the best hair spray I have ever used in my whole life! Not only does it smell amazing but it works all day! I love it super duper much
Favorite Skin Supplies
  • Amerte Face Wash:  I use this in the shower and it makes your skin so soft, This is the best facewash I have ever used. It exactly foams up! haha you can really feel it working!
  • Olay Rehenerous facial Cream: I use this everynight and every morning. I put it on before I go to bed and in the morning before I put my make up on. Makes your skin feel nice and soft
  • MAC Wipes: These are the most amazing thing on this earth! They have moisturizer built into the wipes. They take off the makeup right off, its so easy there is no scrubbing like crazy at all...And there geat for travel!
Favorite Eyeshadow from MAC

  • Cranberry
  • Panita
  • Naked Lunch
  • Shale
  • Jest
  • Woodwinked
  • DA Bling
  • Crystal
  • Steamy
  • Vanilla
  • Stars "n" Rockets
  • Urban Decay Naked Pallet ( I know its not MAC but I LOVE it)
  • satellite Dreams

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