Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Want My Makeup?

Im really interested In doing makeup tutorials for you guys!
Its my dream to do makeup as a career
I am VERY good friends with MAC the girls at the store close to my town are seriously like my sisters! They are just as excited to for me to turn 18 and come work there as I am myself
every time I go in there I get "classes" by them
The manager is who Im coolest with :) She is the most amazing person in this world I would and cant wait to work for her at MAC
Make up is who I am. Its what Inspires me. Its what makes me
I can do very big bold and beautiful make up! the only thing is I get kinda shy to wear to school..even though I really want too but I do sometimes and I will more!
Im telling you this just so you feel reassured that I do know what Im talking about haha!!:)
But I know its probably difficult for you guys to decide if you would want that because you have never seen my makeup!
so here are some pictures of me very up close and personal haha:)
and then you guys can comment on what you would like to see!
These are few day to day looks I wear!

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