Sunday, September 18, 2011


I have been so stressed out these last couple days. I have been making the decision to go into home school.
This is what I have always wanted. I know its what I want. and I know it will make me happy. But no that its right here in my face Im a little nervous. But im going to do it. Monday my mom and I will be having the meeting with the school. So wish me luck!

But now its My relaxing Sunday and Im cuddling with my lover Matt and He makes me the happiest lady in the world. and there is nothing I rather do then spend everyday for the rest of my life with him<3

Have an amazing sunday!

XOXO your homeschooled happy Karmin

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  1. hi there. thanks for following my blog. I enjoyed reading your posts :)
    Hopefully you can check out my youtube channel.
    stay strong. ;)